Planned dates

(25. February 2021)

This English translation was prepared as a labor of love by Sara Crockett (

Datum  Time Who Titel Contact Location Venue
1 week long ÖH-Uni-Frauen Display at Moser bookstore on feminist literature Buchhandlung Moser, at the Eisernen Tor in Graz Display
until the end of 2021 Art-Factory Graz Art on the fight against domestic violence, call for artwork: paintings are auctioned off and 50% of the proceeds go to the artists and 50% to the protection of victims Display and sale - virtual presentation
08.03. - 04.04. 2021 0-24h the smallest gallery - Ort für Fotografie Artist and title will be announced on 01.03. It will be a woman. It is about the body. Grieskai 2, 8020 Graz, right next to Cafè Tribeka Photography in public space - 24h accessible without barriers
08.03. - 13.03. 2021 0 – 24 Uhr IKEMBA Women with migration background talk about their life in Graz. These are audio files of women with migration background who talk about their life in Graz, about challenges, problems, how they perceive equality, what they wish for, where they see a need for action.... The audio files will be available for 5 days on the homepage of the association IKEMBA and the Facebook page. virtual online
08.03. - 15.03. 2021 0 – 24 Uhr die Murauerinnen The Red Carpet for the Woman out in the Country The sociologist Dr. Rosemarie Fuchshofer made the following statement in a lecture: "Actually, the communities out in the countryside should roll out the red carpet for every woman who remains. Therefore, we are rolling out the red carpet for the women in the country. For all those who are visibly and invisibly engaged in the countryside, help to shape it and keep things running. For all those who would not have been able to maintain an intact life in associations, family businesses and farms without these women. For the "one-woman businesses" and for the creative fighters. For the great women in the district who do often unrecognized but never unimportant work. Social Media Project.
08.03. - 28.03. 2021 aXe Körpertheater Anna - a headphone opera - An individual, virtual, audiovisual walk on the Rosenhain Kontakt und Anmeldung bei: TABLETS: Can be picked up from March 8 to 28 daily from 11.00 -16.00 h at GRAZMuseum, Sackstraße 18, Graz Audiovisual walk / Individual
Tues., 2 March 11.00 h StadtLABOR Frauenbankerl - Z'ammsitzen und ins Gespräch kommen Griesplatz Nord Topic: What would our cities look like if they were planned by women? Which topics would have priority? What would public space look like? Women's Bench with Barbara Hammerl and Elisabeth Oswald from StadtLABOR. Griesplatz Nord outdoor
14.00 h Freiraum Frauenberatung Leibnitz Women's walk  in Leibnitz Anmeldung: 8430 Leibnitz, Kreuzkogelwarte, Kaindorf Hike
15.00 h inspire - Bildung und Beteiligung Women's walk: "Industry. Female.International" Register by e-mailing: and Kreuzkirche, Volksgarten, Mühlgasse 43, Graz walkKreuzkirche, Volksgarten, Mühlgasse 43, Graz
17.00 h Federation of Social Democratic Women Academics and SPÖ women "Working 9 to 5?" - Women and work from different perspectives with Gabriele Gerbasits from IGKultur, Christine Romierer from OCTO-R, Barbara Blaha from Momentum, Luise Wimmler, Koo for Gender Studies & Equality KFUni. Anmeldung: virtual hybrid and interactive
19.30 h Schauspielhaus Graz, Grüne Akademie and the Centre for Gender Research, KUG Graz THE POWER OF LANGUAGE Marlene Streeruwitz, Lisz Hirn and Judith Schwentner discuss feminist positions on literature, philosophy and politics. Schauspielhaus Graz livestreamed from the Schauspielhaus
Wed., 3 March - Thurs., 4 March 09.00 - 17.00 h Schuldner*innenberatung Stmk Webinar for multipliers: "Women's Power - Knowledge for action on debt and women". Anmeldung bitte: online via MS-Teams 2-day online event via FB for multipliers who work with women and girls
Wed., 3 March ? Afro-asiatisches Institut and the Daily Rhythms Collective Film on women's rights ?
16.00 h IG Kultur Steiermark Panel discussion: Women* in the cultural sector, experts from the field discuss inequalities in the cultural sector Anmeldung bitte: virtual online
Thurs., 4 March 09.00 h Frauenservice-Palaver Lerncafé: Women's Rights and Equality in Easy Language - Target Group Women with Low German Proficiency anmeldung bitte an: virtual via Zoom
15.30 h - 17.00 h StadtLABOR "Frauenbankerl/Women's Bench - Sit together and talk. Dear women in the district! Speak up! Become visible with all the things you do and contribute every day and which would not work without you! Show your diversity, your skills and your work! The women in and around the My Smart City Graz in front of the curtain! Women's Bankerl with Franziska Schruth from StadtLABOR". Waagner-Birostr. 105, in the district management office, right next to the farmer's market, 8020 Graz outdoor
17.00 h Steirische Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik Women's solidarity! Daniela Grabovac, Head of the Anti-Discrimination Office Stmk, expert on discrimination and human rights, Nini Tsiklauri, artist, author and European activist, Edith Zitz, Managing Director inspire - education and participation. Anmeldung: virtuell: livestream via Youtube
19.00 h Referat für Frauen und Gleichstellung der Stadt Graz (Department for Women and Equality of the City of Graz) Award of the Grazer Frauenpreises The first 100 people who register at will recieve a surprise gift for the award ceremony (sent by mail). Sign up over Facebook „Frauen in Graz“ or the homepage
Fri, 5 March 10.00 h L-WAYS Business Hike: What is a 'business hike'? These hikes take place on work days outside the normal 'L-Ways Hiking Programme'. The route is always a Graz city hiking path.  We meet at the Graz main railway station (accessible by public transportation). Register by sending an e-mail to: by no later than 4.3.21 (afternoon). Meet: 1 p.m. Length: 3 hours. We will meet near the exit from the trams (direction: toward the Inner City). Questions? Simply send us an e-mail! outdoor
14.00 h Theater im Bahnhof "Frauenbankerltratsch" (Chat on the Women's Bench) in public space. Four women act out roles from the theater piece "WIR BEGEHREN" on the topic of beauty, perpetrator/victim, entropy- waiting; to be trimmed down to size Contact and Info: various locations in Graz interactive event with those passing by
15.00 h - 19.00 h RosaLila PantherInnen und Superloops Femtastic Alternative: Outdoor Hangout and DJ Session with Julia Caballera & Nilu. Lendplatz and Mariahilferplatz outdoor
Sat., 6 March 10.00 h KPÖ-Frauen, BDF, KJÖ, GLB.. Much ado about everything - International Women's Day will be celebrated! Main square in Knittelfeld Main square in Knittelfeld Infostand, actions
11.00 h Kreative Nachbarschaftsrunde Frohnleiten Ulli Gollesch, Marlies Novak etc. "Frauenbankerltratsch" (Women's Bench Chat Zone) in Frohnleiten, discussions and display of interesting women's stories on the advertising pillars Contact: Main square in Frohnleiten outdoor
13.00 h Initiative group: Women*s Action Forum "Frauenbankerltratsch" (Women's Bench Chat Zone) at Lendplatz Timeline women's rights in Graz/Stmk/Ö Lendplatz Graz interactive event with those passing by
14.30 h Grätzelinitiative Mageretenbad "Grätzelspaziergang" (Walk Around Graz): Women in the time of National Socialism  CANCELLED Meet at the Martha Tausk-Park/Th. Körnerstr. 121, Graz CANCELLED due to COVID-19
14.00 h Catcalls of Leoben Chalk Action Partners sought! Contact: Main square in Leoben
18.00 h ÖH- Referat für feministische Politik DIE DOHNAL - at-home film evening Register by 2.3. 19.00 h online online
Sun., 7 March 10.00 h Soroptimist Club Deutschlandsberg Spray chalk action - "Stop Violence Against Women" Deutschlandsberg, Stainz and Eibiswald outdoor
10.00 h SPÖ women  Matinee of SPÖ Women Styria Feminist poetry slams by Marei Weitzer and Agnes Meier; premiere of our International Women's Day video - on Sunday morning from the breakfast table. We will broadcast live on FB and will be happy if you join us! Facebook LIVE: virtual breakfast
13.00 h Catcalls of Graz Chalk Back Event: Chalk Action against sexual abuse Contact: Graz main square outdoor
15.00 h Eva Hofer and Elisabeth Holzmeister Project ELIV: Reading in 24 stanzas: More than 24 dead in 2020 - murdered women in Austria Graz, Police Station, Schmiedgasse outdoor
17.00 h JA.M Mädchenzentrum - Mafalda Take part in the Graz "Lichterfestzügen" (Candlelight walk), from the Arche Noah Street to Freiheitsplatz  Contact: JA.M Mädchenzentrum Mafalda, Arche Noah 11, 8020 Graz outdoor
17.00 h Women*s Action Forum -Organisation Team Take part in the Graz "Lichterfestzügen" (Candlelight walk), from Lendplatz to Freiheitsplatz Info: outdoor
17.00 h DIVAN Take part in the Graz "Lichterfestzügen" (Candlelight walk): I want to say something! From the Mariengasse to Freiheitsplatz Contact: Caritas - Mariengasse outdoor
17.00 h Activists and engaged women from Pöllau - Styrian ART Summer "Lichterfestzügen" (Candlelight walk) in Pöllau, searching for locations where women in Pollau have had an impact and location where women of Pollau still „keep everything running“. We will raise awareness for the contributions of women and express our sense of appreciation and solidarity for their efforts. Contact: Pöllau - everyone is welcome outdoor
17.40 h Astrid Ranner, Ninja Reichert, Johanna Stabinger Reachings from the creative writing project "And then came Corona…." Freiheitsplatz outdoor
18.10 h Chr. Lederhaas Dear citizens of Graz! Freiheitsplatz live and with livestreaming
18.30 h Ursula Graber, Tänzerin Starlight 'Killjoy' Coquelicot: A feminist dance performance Registration and info: virtual presentation online (50 minutes)
19.30 h Kollektiv Kollinski Austropopo - because it matters / Kollektiv Kollinski Elisabeth Breckner, Victoria Fux, Natascha Grasser, Susanne Lipinski, Nina Ortner, Gudrun Plachinger, Sigrid Wurzinger Contact and registration: Format: Online performance with Zoom Talk afterwards
Mon., 8 March 00.00 h - 24.00 h Doris Jauk Hinz Die GULDINNEN - a longer presentation with the practical involvement of various businesses Registration: virtual and in public space: Online presentation from Konzept and partners
00.00 h - 24.00 h FrauenNetzwerk Bruck Youtube-Action on the topic of networking and empowerment Info will be provided via Youtubevideo
08.00 h Innova Frauenberatung FB, Mureck, Weiz Poster and press article Feldbach - Mureck - Weiz
08.30 h Gender-Cluster Uni Gender reading Register by sending an e-mail to: virtual 83 min reading
09.30 h Women's Counselling Upper Styria Infostand - Barriers ECE Kapfenberg Action, infostand
10.00 h Frauenservice- Palaver Café Mobile counseling point and intercultural women's breakfast  Register with: Starts at the Palaver Café (Frauenservice) and ends at Hauptplatz. Breakfast
10.00 h Verein Europa und Bildung Reading: Women's Power Made in Europe. Incredible European Women in Portrait. Details still to come
12.00 h Daily Rhythms Collective Screen printing  - Posters and T-shirts on the topic of "Empowerment and Hex the Patriarchy" Screen printing station, location to be announced Action: 2 hours in length for people to take part; during lockdown, the T-shirts or posters will be sent by mail
10.00 h nowa "Frauenbankerl" (Women's Bench) - sit together and chat. We want to listen to you and develop ideas  together, about how education could look in the future. Which topics interest you? Come on by and tell us what you would like to learn in the future. In front of the Graz Opera outdoor
12.30 - 15.00 h StadtLABOR "Frauenbankerl" (Women's Bench) – come by and chat with (12:30) Katcha Bilek - Artist, on the topic of partriarchy and witches. Katcha also will be at the "Feminist Empowerment-Print-Bar"; (13:00) Sevil Tsonev Celik- Docent at the KFU, on the topic of women and education; (13:30) Nina-Marie Wolf, District Manager of Gries, on the topic of women, career, money and self-employment; (14:00) Judith Schwentner, City Advisor, on the topic of why so few women (still) enter politics; (14:30) Zeynep Aygan-Romaner, Architect and project manager for the Büros der Nachbarschaften, on the topic of city and city district work - how women are (not) involved. Büro der Nachbarschaften, Kernstockgasse 20, 8020 Graz outdoor
13.30 h Women's Counselling Upper Styria Infostand - Barriers LCS Leoben Action, infostand
14.00 h Omas gegen Rechts Human Rights in Moria various locations in Graz mobile speakers' corner
14.00 h Graz Museum Annette Rainer, Martin Hammer, Angela Rossmann "Gipfelstürmerinnen" (Women who reached the summit). Themed tour on the women's history at Schlossberg. The history of women on the Schlossberg is not obvious. This history has rarely been documented and lies hidden behind a male-dominated culture of remembrance. But s/he who seeks, finds! In the course of the guided tour, we will move across the epochs, uncover evidence of female activity on and around the Schlossberg, the Uhrturm and changes in its use, and ask how images of defensible masculinity and absent femininity were constructed. Register: Schlossberg (virtual tour during lockdown)
14.00 h KPÖ women, BDF, KJÖ, GLB.. Much ado about everything - International Women's Day will be celebrated! Herrengasse, Graz Action, infostand
15.00 h Verein RUMAKHU and Migrant's Office of the City of Grazz Women's empowerment: Domestic violence, focus on Corona Register: online or hybrid Location: TBA
15.00 h #we_do - Frauen nützen ihre Chance Project presentation: Free counseling for working women with continuing education support from the Province of Styria Contact: virtual digital over MS Teams (1h)
16.00 h Quartiersbüro "mittendrinn" - StadtLABOR  "Frauenbankerltratsch" (Chat on the Women's Bench) with BRin Monika Mencigar - Challenges for Women in Urban Politics, Women in Technology Contact: From the district office "mittendrinn" located at Brauquartier 19, in the inner courtyard, Puntigam outdoor
17.00 h RabtalDirndln Take part in the demo from 5 p.m. and on Contact: From the district office "mittendrinn" located at Brauquartier 19, in the inner courtyard, Puntigam live
17.00 h Demobündnis DEMO: International Women's Day Start at Hauptplatz 5:15 p.m., procession via Südtirolerplatz, Roseggerkreuzung, Elisabethinergasse, Rösselmühlgasse to Griesplatz - final rally outdoor
17.00 h gemma-gemeinsam machen! Video message for the DEMO: messages on solidarity in several languages and mindmap GEMEINSAM MACHEN from the women's project jerapah - GEMEINSAM WACHSEN Contact: virtual by demo
00.00 h - 00.24 h FrauenNetzwerk Bruck Videos from the network partners on what networking really means Contact: via social media short videos - can be shared
17.00 h IG der 24-Stundenbetreuer*innen Justice for the 24-hour caregivers Contribution to demo (signs), live and/or virtual contribution outdoor and virtual
17.00 h 20 Frauen aus Hartberg "Lichterfestzügen" (Candlelight walk) through the Inner City of Hartberg, "We carry candles through the city and visit women in the companies and stores" Meet on the main square in Hartberg outdoor
18.00 h Anna Grahlmann Schuhplattler (Austrian traditional dancing) in contemporary painting - subtle confrontation with persistent gender clichees and power relations in traditional dress clubs Register by 8.3. 12 Uhr: virtual online via Zoom
18.00 h SPÖ women Online discussion: WOMEN-FLIGHT-IMMIGRATION: with refugee aid worker Doro Blancke, MEP Bettina Vollath, with NRAbg. Katharina Kucharowits, Inas Chabakji, technical draftswoman and lawyer Julia Ecker Register: virtual discussion Zoom event and live on Facebook
19.00 h FELIN_Female Leaders Initiative in cooperation with the Theater im Bahnhof, Graz and the Stereotypen, Bielefeld CloseUp - The interactive ZoomShow for Female Leaders. In this show, actresses Beatrix Brunschko and Nele Kießling shed light on the challenging video-call life of women in leadership positions and reject any online code of conduct: questioning, touching, entertaining and cheeky. You determine - unseen - from the sofa via chat what happens next. Watch the duo live as they improvise for you - and switch perspectives to the home office for a reality check between equality and women's quotas. Register: virtual presentation online
Tues., 9 March 10.00 h #we_do - Frauen nützen ihre Chance Project presentation: #we_do - Women Take Opportunities Register: virtual online per zoom, 1 h
13.00 h Schuldner*innenberatung Stmk Workshop for interested women: "Nest egg & cash cow, part-time job & full-time wife, household manager & shopping queen: finances for women". Register: online via MS-Teams online workshop
14.00 - 16.00 h Die Grünen Speakers' Corner "Women Speak Out" Contact: Graz Inner City outdoor
16.00 h- 17.30 h Rotes Kreuz Steiermark About challenges and successes - a personal journey into the Austrian labor market by Noha Shabayk Moderation: Karina Stefan Info and registration: online - via MS-Teams online - interactive 50 min storytelling + 30 min discussion
17.00 h nowa Gender bias in  Wikipedia, input and discussion Register: online online - interaktive
17.00 h Schuldner*innenberatung Stmk Workshop for interested women: "Nest egg & cash cow, part-time job & full-time wife, household manager & shopping queen: finances for women". Register: online via MS-Teams online workshop
19.00 h F*streik Anti-feminism in right-wing discourses Register: online
Wed., 10 March 08.00 h  FAB Aktivlotsinnen Kapfenberg und Bruck/Mur POVERTY IN OLD AGE - personal responsibility Register: virtual online discussion
17.30 h Active Urban Citizenship Exhibition opening: "Active Urban Citizenship: What if ... ?" Presentation of the visions of a group of women for living space in the Lend District. Register: Graz, Lend District live
19.00 h F*Streik Webinar: "the realities of LGBTIQ+People and other minorities in Hungary under a right-wing conservative government" in English, with Kit Asztalos livestream, can be viewed for 1 week Lecture and discussion - online
Thurs., 11 March 13.00 h #we_do - Frauen nützen ihre Chance - Hartberg Women's Stories Register: virtual online
16.00 h Grazer Frauenrat online workshop: More for CARE! Mit Elisabeth Klatzer from Femme Fiscale Register: virtual online workshop, 2.5 h
Fri., 12 March 13.00 h KPÖ-Bildungsverein Women's Walk: Women's History with Mag.a Veronika Ziemann Register: walk
15.00 h KPÖ-Bildungsverein Women's Walk: Women's History with Mag.a Veronika Ziemann Register: walk
16.00 h F*Streik Reclaim the Streets - bring your feminist demands to the street  Bring signs! Herrengasse Demo with signs for about 2 h
18.00 h  FREDA – die Akademie FREDA online Discussion Event: "Women.Power.Politics" Register: virtual online
Sat. 13 March 13.00 h SJ- Frauen*politische Komission FEM*FEST "The work is female - unemployment is too" Discussion, Workshops, Creative ideas etc… Register: LendPavillon Volksgartenstr. 11, Graz, in lockdown, virtual live or online
18.00 h VSStÖ Expert talk with Veronika Bohrn Mena followed by an evening program: "Those who break the system! We don't accept your system anymore". We are system breakers! We invite all FLINT people to the expert talk with Veronika Bohrn Mena on the topic "Women and Precarious Situations in Corona crisis" followed by an evening program. Contact: virtual online
Tues., 16 March 18.00 h Grüne Wirtschaft Why do women earn less than men? - Invited guests: Gabriele Lechner, Chairwoman of Women in Business, Veronika Nitsche, Member of Parliament, Gabriele Müller-Trenk, CEO of Catro-Personalmanagement. Welcome by Judith Schwentner, City Councillor for Women's Issues. Register: online online - interactive
24 March 15.00 h F*Streik How can we organize ourselves? - Workshop and supervision for men's self-organization Register: virtual